Monday, July 21, 2008

The Time Ward Threatened Our Elder

Hey Ward,

I remember as if it were yesterday, and I have a copy of the tape.
I quote: " Hey Vernon, I'm gonna put you in a new Wheel Chair".
Fascinting the tape was made public but you were never charged with terroristic threatening of an elderly man. Interesting. Who is protecting you?

Now let's think about your good friend Mr.X and recent statements by a certain leader of AIM. "There is an agent out there in AIM and he was the one who always wanted to urge others to explode things back in the 70's. We will reveal this person and his friends soon". Ward you are so exposed pal. It is so obvious. You see young people today don't understand yet that the first mark of an agent was as we were trained inb the movement over a quater of century ago:

"Often the agent is the man (usually but not always) who in a public meeting or setting urges the membership to do something of an extreme and felonious nature, or they will make statements that will force others in the movement around them to be painted in a negative light".

See Ward we know who put you up to the "Little Eichmans" moment. We know about your little buddy Mr.X and your other buddy who walked away free from the charges that Leonard Peltier sits in jail for. When people really se the consequences of you and your friends treason against the movement they will see the truth. Until then you count as your supporters not Native American Elders but a bunch non-indians and uneducated sychophants.

We'll see you when we see you

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