Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where were you? A song for Ward

From The Warriors

Don't remember seeing you at Alcatrez, didn't see you in the Longest Walk,
Didn't see you at Jumping Bull, or Yellow Thunder, didn't see you at wounde knee

but the college kids say "he's a militant", and we say,"You mean when he was at Soldier of Fortune or in Vietnam?"

We first saw you with that Hollywood Indian, doin lectures for John Birch and Reverend Moon
and supportin' those blood thirsty Contras, and screaming "I'm Indian" to your parents Surprise,

Now you never lived in Indian Country and you never would, cause a bunch of old school warriors are hopin that you will,

Come on down and visit and eat some black crow pie, the old barn owl is callin' you with a twinkle in his eye,

Now sit on down and tell us the crazy reason why, You spit on grandmother and grandfather and knock them on the ground,
and your buddy breaks old people's arms, and plays Pochahatanta's's Daddy in Disney Cartoons,

Next time you want to threaten to elders into a new Wheel Chair, you might want to try this woodland dog soldier he'll be sure to meet you there,

We sing Yellow Thunder, Soldier Boy and Custer Died for Your Sins,
you waddle from lecture to lecture and play militant for your keep,

We call you professor Yellow Hair and hope to see you with that stupid grin,
Walkin' to White Earth Shooting Star, Langs Cafe, or possibly a Pine Ridge Inn,

Cause we want to ask you, and we want to see your face, When you try to explain your actions towards our elders that you disgrace,

Now we didn't see you at Oka when the Mohawks made their stand, Don't remember you at Uniontown or the Dixon Mounds unrest,

Didn't see you near any danger 'cept Viet nam and you haven't passed the test,
of courageous warrior of any kind, Except special agent that suits you best,
Didn't see you put your spirit on the line now or at anytime, You supported the Contras in Nicaragua but you did it from afar,
You did press conferences with the FBI and accused heros of FBI Crimes,
All this glory you heap upon yourself while Leonard is doin' time,

Hell you even protested Walk For Justice that was tryin to get him out, So Leonard had to write a letter to tell you was out,

You sat up there in boulder drinkin' Latte's with your fat belly hangin' out,
The rest of us are sacrificing while your lecturing and "Speakin Out",

It's time to get religion and be honest with yourself, cause those days of college girls and lecturin are comin to an end,

So we ask you one request Special Agent just as Douglas Durham did,
'Please Just say these words:

"I'm Special Agent Churchill and I am proud of what I did"
Where were you Agent Churchill, Where were you,
Hidin' all the bodies and twisting up the truth,
Where were Agent Churchill, Where were you,
Cowering in the corner, while others pay the price
Where were you, Agent Churchill, Where were you,
Writing Indian history for Uncle Sam while others sit in Jail, Where were you?


Monday, July 21, 2008

One Year Anniversary Since Uncle Addressed Special Agent Ward Churchill

Ward Churchill: One year since Uncle addressed your falsehoods and LIES! One Year Since Uncle sent you this message Ward.

Do not think Vernon's passing has weakened our resolve to expose you, pal. We are now doubling and tripling our efforts and we are young warriors with spirit and energy and we are armed with knowledge.
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Saturday, July 28, 2007Ward Churchill, Academic, Literary and Indian FraudPRESS RELEASEFOR RELEASE: Thursday, July 26, 2007FROM: American Indian Movement Grand Governing CouncilMinistry for InformationPRESS CONTACT: Vernon Bellecourt, WaBunIniniIndiz-Nikaz, Anishinaabe Ojibwe NationMember of the Executive Committee and Director of theMinistry on Foreign Affairs for the American Indian MovementGrand Governing CouncilWard Churchill, Academic Fraud, Literary Fraud and Indian FraudOn Tuesday, July 25, following a lengthy investigation by a special panel, the University of Colorado Board of Regents on a vote of 8-1 fired tenured professor of Ethnic and Indian Studies, Ward Churchill. The charges were research misconduct and plagiarizing the writings and research of other academics. While we, the leadership of the American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council applaud the thoughtful and reasoned decision, we want to point out to all that for more than 25 years the legitimate leadership of AIM’s Grand Governing Council attempted to expose Ward Churchill as an academic, literary, and ethnic fraud.Churchill perpetuated his fraudulent Indian identity in order to get himself streamlined into tenure and Director of the Ethnic and Indian Studies Department as well to market his plagiarized and revisionist books. He has also plagiarized the American Indian Movement’s intellectual property rights and tainted the goodwill for Indian people that exists nationally and worldwide.He has made hundreds of thousands of dollars on the lecture circuit, promoted, yet today, by Speak Out Speakers Bureau promoting him as Indian, all after we notified them of his ethnic fraud. The result of this was to ignore the voices of authentic Indian academics, intellectuals, leaders and activists. Churchill has fraudulently represented himself as a member of the Keetoowah Nation of Cherokee Indians of Oklahoma, which he is not. When challenged to show proof of any Indian ancestry he waves an associate membership card that at one time the Keetoowah Nation would give to anyone who would promise to help them. Even former President Bill Clinton received one of these cards of associate membership. Ernestine Berry who presided on the Keetoowah Enrollment Committee and served on the tribal council for years stated to Denver Post writer, Howard Pankratz on February 3, 2005 that Churchill was trying to get recognized as an Indian. He could not prove he is an Indian. Berry said that he was given this associate membership in the 10,000 member tribe based in Tahlequah, Oklahoma in the early 1990’s. “Churchill started coming around in 1992 or 1993 saying he wrote some books and was a big time author, and convinced us he could help our people,” Berry said, “and it was on that basis he wasgiven the associate membership card.”Barry also said, “Churchill never fulfilled his promise to help the tribe, and after he received his associate card, we never heard from him again.”Due to this abuse and misrepresentation of the associate card by Churchill, the Keetoowah Nation has discontinued the practice of issuing these cards.Not only is Ward Churchill a literary and academic fraud, just as egregiously he continues to fraudulently represent himself as being Keetoowah Indian, and a member of the American Indian Movement’s chapter in Denver, Colorado. With deceit and treachery, he has been able to manipulate the Denver Indian community into giving him and his co-conspirator, Glen Morris, credibility and cover. Glenn Morris is a professor at the University of Colorado who is another Caucasian American masquerading as an Indian, This is designed to confuse Indians and non-Indian alike. Following the decision of the University of Colorado Board of Regents, he, along with former personality in the American Indian Movement, Russell Means, created the illusion that AIM supports Ward Churchill.Because of disruptive behavior and ethnic fraud, both Churchill and Morris were expelled from the International Indian Treaty Council by its International Board of Directors on September 23, 1986. The International Indian Treaty Council, or IITC is the international, political, and diplomatic Corp of the American Indian Movement. Seven years later on November 23, 1993, following a lengthy investigation, the American Indian Movement’s National Board of Directors expelled Churchill and Morris from AIM.While Russell Means has resigned from the American Indian Movement on several occasions, he along with Churchill and Morris continue to manipulate the Denver American Indian Movement community so that Churchill and Morris can perpetuate their ethnic fraud on the academic, and literary community, and as well the Indian and non-Indian people worldwide.They are deceitful and treacherous to the point that they will always surround themselves with innocent and na├»ve individuals of the Indian and non-Indian communities, some who are well known who actually have endorsed their revisionist, inaccurate, shoddy, and fraudulent writings. The result of this is that without review of the contents of their publications, Indian and non-Indian educators and educational institutions and libraries are using these books in their curriculum. In doing so, they and our students become victims of this fraud. Using the American Indian Movement to give themselves credibility, cover and access, they have been able to infiltrate other organizations and movements nationally and internationally.They use publications like Houghton-Mifflin, Random House Publishers, South End Press, and Speak Out Speakers Bureau who allow Ward Churchill and others to perpetuate their literary, academic, and Indian fraud on the unknowing public.What you can do to help: The American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council urges our friends and supporters worldwide to expose and isolate these conspirators expeditiously. We request that educators, Indian and non-Indians alike remove from their curriculums and libraries all of their revisionist, inaccurate and shoddy writings, and send them back to their publishers (a clear example of the problem is the Encyclopedia of the North American Indian by Frederick E. Hoxie, published by Houghton Mifflin, a subsidiary of Random House). Mr. Marc Jaffe of Houghton Mifflin first contacted and met with Tim Giago, Oglala Lakota, founder and former award winning publisher of Indian Country Today, and syndicated columnist to do the book, and without notifying Mr. Giago, Mr. Jaffe selected Mr. Hoxie who allowed Indian literary and academic fraud, Churchill to submit the article, "Radicals and Radicalism, 1990 to the Present." Discontinue utilizing Speak Out Speakers Bureau and publications from South End Press, Zeta Magazine, and Common Courage Press until they agree to stop promoting these frauds. We request that organizations such as the National Indian Education Association, and the American Indian Higher Education Consortium create a watchdog-type agency to review what books are being published by these literary, academic, and Indian frauds so that their revisionist writings are not finding their way into our education curriculum. This problem is of epidemic proportions, and must be stopped. Remove all of Ward Churchill’s books from your libraries and curriculums immediately. You owe it to our students.Press Contact:PRESS CONTACT: Vernon Bellecourt, WaBunIniniIndiz-Nikaz, Anishinaabe Ojibwe NationMember of the Executive Committee and Director of theMinistry on Foreign Affairs for the American Indian Movement Grand Governing CouncilAIM Council on Security and IntelligenceEmail: aimggc@worldnet.att.netWeb Address: http://www.aimovement.orgPhone: 612-721-3914

The Time Ward Threatened Our Elder

Hey Ward,

I remember as if it were yesterday, and I have a copy of the tape.
I quote: " Hey Vernon, I'm gonna put you in a new Wheel Chair".
Fascinting the tape was made public but you were never charged with terroristic threatening of an elderly man. Interesting. Who is protecting you?

Now let's think about your good friend Mr.X and recent statements by a certain leader of AIM. "There is an agent out there in AIM and he was the one who always wanted to urge others to explode things back in the 70's. We will reveal this person and his friends soon". Ward you are so exposed pal. It is so obvious. You see young people today don't understand yet that the first mark of an agent was as we were trained inb the movement over a quater of century ago:

"Often the agent is the man (usually but not always) who in a public meeting or setting urges the membership to do something of an extreme and felonious nature, or they will make statements that will force others in the movement around them to be painted in a negative light".

See Ward we know who put you up to the "Little Eichmans" moment. We know about your little buddy Mr.X and your other buddy who walked away free from the charges that Leonard Peltier sits in jail for. When people really se the consequences of you and your friends treason against the movement they will see the truth. Until then you count as your supporters not Native American Elders but a bunch non-indians and uneducated sychophants.

We'll see you when we see you

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ward Churchill COP!!! AGENT!!! PUNK!!

Ward You May Have These Kids Today Fooled With Your Little Eichmans Act We Are Not And We Never Will Be
Amazing No one Can See That Making AIM Look Bad With Your Ridiculous Stements Was Just Another Effort to Get AIM Classified As A Domestic Threat
Which Is Exactly What Happened
You Have Threatened Respected Elders, Supported CIA Backed Contras and Had Our Name Associated With Your Ridiculous Statements
To Hell With You Agent Churchill
When looking at scanned Images on this site click and they will enlarge and you will see the proof Churchill Supported the Contras

Interview with Ken Lawrence Former Covert Action Writer about Ward's Suspicious Activities

Creek Nation Document Denying Churchill's Tribal Membership

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee Fires Ward as Rep