Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where were you? A song for Ward

From The Warriors

Don't remember seeing you at Alcatrez, didn't see you in the Longest Walk,
Didn't see you at Jumping Bull, or Yellow Thunder, didn't see you at wounde knee

but the college kids say "he's a militant", and we say,"You mean when he was at Soldier of Fortune or in Vietnam?"

We first saw you with that Hollywood Indian, doin lectures for John Birch and Reverend Moon
and supportin' those blood thirsty Contras, and screaming "I'm Indian" to your parents Surprise,

Now you never lived in Indian Country and you never would, cause a bunch of old school warriors are hopin that you will,

Come on down and visit and eat some black crow pie, the old barn owl is callin' you with a twinkle in his eye,

Now sit on down and tell us the crazy reason why, You spit on grandmother and grandfather and knock them on the ground,
and your buddy breaks old people's arms, and plays Pochahatanta's's Daddy in Disney Cartoons,

Next time you want to threaten to elders into a new Wheel Chair, you might want to try this woodland dog soldier he'll be sure to meet you there,

We sing Yellow Thunder, Soldier Boy and Custer Died for Your Sins,
you waddle from lecture to lecture and play militant for your keep,

We call you professor Yellow Hair and hope to see you with that stupid grin,
Walkin' to White Earth Shooting Star, Langs Cafe, or possibly a Pine Ridge Inn,

Cause we want to ask you, and we want to see your face, When you try to explain your actions towards our elders that you disgrace,

Now we didn't see you at Oka when the Mohawks made their stand, Don't remember you at Uniontown or the Dixon Mounds unrest,

Didn't see you near any danger 'cept Viet nam and you haven't passed the test,
of courageous warrior of any kind, Except special agent that suits you best,
Didn't see you put your spirit on the line now or at anytime, You supported the Contras in Nicaragua but you did it from afar,
You did press conferences with the FBI and accused heros of FBI Crimes,
All this glory you heap upon yourself while Leonard is doin' time,

Hell you even protested Walk For Justice that was tryin to get him out, So Leonard had to write a letter to tell you was out,

You sat up there in boulder drinkin' Latte's with your fat belly hangin' out,
The rest of us are sacrificing while your lecturing and "Speakin Out",

It's time to get religion and be honest with yourself, cause those days of college girls and lecturin are comin to an end,

So we ask you one request Special Agent just as Douglas Durham did,
'Please Just say these words:

"I'm Special Agent Churchill and I am proud of what I did"
Where were you Agent Churchill, Where were you,
Hidin' all the bodies and twisting up the truth,
Where were Agent Churchill, Where were you,
Cowering in the corner, while others pay the price
Where were you, Agent Churchill, Where were you,
Writing Indian history for Uncle Sam while others sit in Jail, Where were you?


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